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Business Consulting UAE

VAESuccessful cross cultural management will understand the importance of maintaining a degree of formality and treating everyone with respect. Patience is critical to successful business dealings.

Emiratis prefer to deal with people they know. They spend a great deal of time in relationship building. This is a crucial process and you would be wise not to rush it. Expect things to take longer than they would in a more western culture. It may take several meetings to accomplish what could be handled by a telephone call at home and patience may be a necessary cross cultural attribute.

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • Inform you about the business fields that are currently important in United Arab Emirates.
  • Consult you with the selection of the products applicable to the decision-makers in United Arab Emirates.
  • Advise you in the preparation and presentation of tenders.
  • Help in the translation of information brochures, product descriptions, etc.
  • Offer a complete organization of business trips to meet the decision makers from business and politics in United Arab Emirates.
  • Spport for the settlement of transactions from the first interview to the contract.
  • Inform you about the investment and economic laws in United Arab Emirates.
  • Offer complete support for the selection of office buildings and accommodation in United Arab Emirates for your employees, the recruitment of United Arab Emirates employees.
  • Expand contact to the authorities, companies, organizations, lawyers and notaries.
  • Expand contacts to the United Arab Emirates industry, trade associations and chambers.
  • Export- Consulting-Business -Consulting und trade agency UAE
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