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Business Consulting Syria

Arab Swiss Consulting ASCBusiness set up in Syria is extremely conservative and successful cross cultural management will understand the importance of maintaining a degree of formality. It is essential to defer to older people and those in senior positions and treat them with utmost respect. Appearances are extremely important so always wear good-quality conservative clothes and stay in a high standard international hotel.

Never do anything that would embarrass a Syrian in the eyes of bystanders; status is important and you would be wise to flatter your business colleagues frequently.

The Syria business community is relatively small and your behaviour will quickly become public knowledge so intercultural sensitivity is extremely important. Once a relationship has developed, it will last a lifetime

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • Inform you about the business fields that are currently important in Syria.
  • Consult you with the selection of the products applicable to the decision-makers in Syria.
  • Advise you in the preparation and presentation of tenders.
  • Help in the translation of information brochures, product descriptions, etc.
  • Offer a complete organization of business trips to meet the decision makers from business and politics in Syria.
  • Spport for the settlement of transactions from the first interview to the contract.
  • Inform you about the investment and economic laws in Syria.
  • Offer complete support for the selection of office buildings and accommodation in Syria for your employees, the recruitment of Syria employees.
  • Expand contact to the authorities, companies, organizations, lawyers and notaries.
  • Expand contacts to the Syria industry, trade associations and chambers.
  • Export- Consulting-Business -Consulting und trade agency Syria
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