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Arab Swiss Consulting ASC

The Global Village is reality today – the process of globalisation affects us all and extends to all areas of life and work. The internationalisation of the markets is also presenting Swiss companies with new tasks and requiring them to adopt new ways of thinking and approaches.

Particularly in the Arab world, the accompanying stronger ties with the international markets are opening up the opportunity for Swiss companies to develop new and lucrative sales markets.

As your management consultancy and trade agency, Arab Swiss Consulting ASC paves the way for you to the Arab countries which have undergone a highly promising development over the last few years.

We help you to weigh up the market opportunities and minimise the risks of market entry. Our comprehensive package of services is tailored to your requirements and range of products. We show you how you can maximise the sales potential for your quality products in Arab countries.

We also focus on the procurement of reliable and highly developed technology from European, in particular Swiss, manufacturers to Arab companies, whose requirements with regard to high-tech equipment can frequently not be sufficiently satisfied due a lack of sales network.

Swiss companies put their faith in the intercultural expertise of Arab Swiss Consulting ASC and its partner network in the Arab region. Whether you are a Swiss company aiming to develop or maintain a customer base in an Arab country, require the support of managers or technical consultants who are well-versed in intercultural matters in your projects, or want to prepare your representatives in the best possible way for a stay in the target countries: at Arab Swiss Consulting ASC, we will provide you with support and assistance.


Arab Swiss Consulting-Business Center in Zurich

Your domicile in Switzerland

Arab Swiss Consulting ASCCreating Companies and Companies Set Up.A domicile is the location (address, street and house number) where the company is situated. However, for corporations it is possible not to have any business premises at the location of their registered office. Should that be the case, it has to be stated in the commercial register where the domicile is (c/o address)

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you domicile services in Zurich.

The domicile services include:

  • Comprehensive counselling and the formation of your company or the relocation of the registered office to Switzerland (by Arab Swiss Consulting).
  • Taking on functions such as board member, managing director or partner
  • Granting domicile in Zurich
  • Accounting and annual report according to Swiss law
  • Contact with departments, authorities and insurances
  • Management and administrative tasks
  • Electronic archiving of all documents according to the Swiss Code of Obligation


Place of assignment and fee

Arab Swiss Consulting ASC offers you all services in the cities of Europe and the Arab countries, as well as in Switzerland.

An initial, 1-hour consultation by prior appointment costs 120 swissfrancs; after that, the fee is based on the degree of difficulty, project duration, responsibility and scope of mandate.

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