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Business Consulting Switzerland

Business Beratung SchweizEffective cross cultural management will bear in mind that in business it is safest to be formal and reserved in your behavior and to expect that your Swiss colleagues will be the same. Arrive on time for meetings, show the proper deference to rank and position, and do not attempt to become familiar too quickly. Many companies are conservative, although this may change depending upon the industry as well as the canton.

It is wise to be direct when dealing with the Swiss, as they will undoubtedly be direct when speaking with you. This is not a culture that deals in innuendo and non-verbal communication

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • Finding an office or Bureau to be used as company head office,
  • Hiring a prestigious postal address (virtual address, virtual office),
  • Redaction of the act and statutes of the company,
  • Redaction of all legal documents related to the company,
  • Making all legal procedures and official publicities required,
  • Achieving all registration stages and all aspects required,
  • Obtaining the Licence and recognition for your company,
  • Registration the name of the company as a trademark,
  • Making the accountancy and the annual return and following,
  • Company taxation designing and following over the year,
  • Free zones and non-resident companies’ facilities,
  • Registration of products and obtaining quality standards for all kind of productions,
  • Registration of the company name at Chambers of commerce and Industries of the country, region or department desired… etc.
  • Export- Consulting-Business -Consulting und trade agency Switzerland


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