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Business Consulting Qatar


For those conducting business in Qatar, proper management consulting will help ensure a successful cross-cultural endeavour. First, remember that developing personal relationships with your potential business partners is the key to success in Qatari business. In order to develop these relationships, maintain the necessary degree of formality, and treat everyone with respect, especially older and more senior colleagues. Never do or say anything that may potentially embarrass your Qatari colleague in front of others. Cross-cultural management consulting is needed to understand the Qatari management structures, approach to time, and communications. Generally, the managers make decisions, after discussions with everyone involved; while the subordinates do not take action without receiving instructions. To encourage participation in a collaborative setting establish a non-threatening work environment and actively invite team-member participation. Honour and reputation are very important. Management consulting will assist with learning the proper conduct to ensure both are maintained. Employees are very respectful of managers, while managers will not publically chastise employees as not to harm public dignity and respect. Meetings may take longer than expected, due to frequent interruptions. After successful management consulting, you will learn that this is not harmful to the overall endeavour as personal relationships take precedence over strict adherence to timelines. Trust is a key element of these relationships, and it takes time to establish, so do not try to rush negotiations. Qataris are event rather than time driven, so do not offend your negotiating partner by trying to speed through a meeting. Also, be careful when making oral commitments, as under the applicable Sharia (Muslim) law, verbal evidence carries more weight than written evidence. Qataris have a medium tolerance for change and risk, and their readiness and adaptability is changing all the time. Fear of exposure and the potential of embarrassment that may accompany failure, requires that innovations must have a proven track record or history of their benefits if they are to be accepted and implemented. Business in Qatar is personal; therefore management consulting on cross-cultural understanding is absolutely necessary for success.


Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • Inform you about the business fields that are currently important in Qatar.
  • Consult you with the selection of the products applicable to the decision-makers in Qatar.
  • Advise you in the preparation and presentation of tenders.
  • Help in the translation of information brochures, product descriptions, etc.
  • Offer a complete organization of business trips to meet the decision makers from business and politics in Qatar.
  • Spport for the settlement of transactions from the first interview to the contract.
  • Inform you about the investment and economic laws in Qatar.
  • Offer complete support for the selection of office buildings and accommodation in Qatar for your employees, the recruitment of Qatar employees.
  • Expand contact to the authorities, companies, organizations, lawyers and notaries.
  • Expand contacts to the Qatari industry, trade associations and chambers.
  • Export- Consulting-Business -Consulting und trade agency Qatar

Strategies for Growth

We develop corporate strategies (in which businesses compete) and business level strategies (how to compete in a market). At Arab Swiss Consulting, we utilize a highly successful approach to strategy formulation, the Objective, Advantage, and Scope approach, or OAS, as profiled in the Harvard Business Review.

We combine discovery of deep insights on customer demand, industry trends and competitor dynamics on one hand, and a strategic understanding of our client's core capabilities from a resource-based perspective on the other. Our research and analysis is rigorous and fact-based, but also creative and insight-driven. Everything we do starts from a deep understanding of demand opportunities.

Formulating growth strategies is at the core of Arab Swiss Consulting expertise. We explore growth opportunities using a broad range of tools, methodologies and capabilities. Our approach is known as the DIG model or Demand-first Innovation and Growth model. This model consists of processes, tools and methodologies to identify entirely new growth opportunities, to structure opportunities into growth platforms, and to formulate strategies for new business creation. Unlike other growth models, the DIG model represents a systematic and repeatable process to realize growth again and again.

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