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Business Consulting Germany

Business Beratung Deutschland The business set up in Germany is extremely formal. In order to achieve successful cross cultural management, you must be prepared for a host of regulations, guidelines, and principles covering every aspect of conducting business in Germany. German businesspeople have deep-seated rules and regulations. This is a formal culture that believes time is money. Relationships are clearly defined, which intimates the type of communication and behaviors expected.

Some employees in Germany do not feel that they are authorized by station, education, or position to either aspire to leadership or to express themselves freely in management circles. Nevertheless many do, and especially with the influence of intercultural expansion and globalization, organizations are tending to rely more heavily on the wisdom of their people and not just the direction of leadership

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • Finding an office or Bureau to be used as company head office,
  • Business Development
  • We can connect companies to local and regional markets
  • We will act as your agent to introduce your product or service direct to end users
  • We can identify potential distributors for each country
  • We will assist with obtaining commercial licences, locating office accommodation, and recruiting and training staff
  • We will draw on our experience to enable you to quickly penetrate the market
  • We can provide interim management
  • Achieving all registration stages and all aspects required,
  • Obtaining the Licence and recognition for your company,
  • Registration the name of the company as a trademark,
  • Making the accountancy and the annual return and following,
  • Registration of the company name at Chambers of commerce and Industries of the country, region or department desired… etc.
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